19 things you’re doing while charging your smartphone

19 things you’re doing while charging your smartphone

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Hey Unlockers, How you guys doing? We all use smartphones and know most of about smartphones but there are some some questions like Why does it heat up so much while charging? What is the exact lifespan of a battery in a phone? remains somewhat mysterious

Let’s find out the misconceptions about the Battery life and charging patterns and here are the 19 Things you’re doing while charging your smartphone.

  • You should avoid using the public charging port because It may transfer your data and if you travel a lot and need to charge your device in public place carrying a portable charger is a safer option
  • Charging your device from a pc or laptop with the help of USB cord is most suitable. But it’ll take as much as one or more hour longer than a wall socket.
  • Gleaming up your device’s screen all the time kills the battery almost as fast as using the Internet So when you constantly check your battery percentage while charging, you’re only slowing down the process.
  • You should check if you have some unnecessary apps open or running on your device which consumes more power of your battery
  • Things like Wi-Fi, Location/gps, and Bluetooth just drain your phone’s battery and slow down the process of charging
  • When smartphone is switched on, it needs a lot of energy to function. If you think that turning the display off means your cell phone doesn’t expend energy anymore, that’s just not true.
  • The Power-saving mode can really come in emergency when you need to make your phone last for as long as possible.
  • not everyone knows that switching Power-Saving mode on can also make charging much faster.
  • You should Remove your mobile cover from your phone before you plug it in to the charge.
  • Wireless charging is very appropriate. At the same time, wireless chargers still can’t fill your device’s battery as fast as wired chargers can.
  • This broad advertise of charging your phone in 10 seconds is nothing but a myth
  • You should never use third-party charging cable or adapters.
  • Always Use original charging adapter and cables as it is much safer for your device
  • If you need to replace the battery of the device, always opt for original batteries only
  • Never overcharge your smartphone, tablet or any lithium-ion battery device
  • You should never keep your phone or other devices on flammable surfaces like table,paper etc
  • Never keep your phone below the pillow while charging during sleep
  • You should never keep your devices under direct sunlight
  • You need to avoid charging your smartphone or other device on a power board or extension cord

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