How Elon Musk helped PewDiePie in PewDiePie vs T-Series battle :

How Elon Musk helped PewDiePie in PewDiePie vs  T-Series battle :

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From the last six months, we all know that there is a battle running for
YouTube subscriber count.If you are using YouTube more like me so you are aware from this battle.So here some news how Elon Musk decided to help PewDiePie.

Elon Musk - PewDiePie

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Things You Should Know About Pewdiepie & Tseries:

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber who is on number one from many years. And T-Series is an Indian entertainment company which has been battling hard to get more subscribers. At last, when I am writing this they both have more than 86 million subscribers and almost 100K subscribers gap between them.

Every time when PewDiePie is losing other YouTubers helped him and the gap between them are increases. A few days ago the billionaire man Elon Musk who is CEO of Tesla has been decided to help PewDiePie.
Elon Musk has confirmed on Twitter that he will host an upcoming meme review on PewDiePie’s YouTube channel.

And with Elon Musk, Justin Roiland is also there. Who is creator of popular animated series “Rick and Morty”.

PewDiePie is only YouTuber who is leading on creator chart. But from last six month, T-Series growing rapidly In starting of 2018 T-Series had only 30 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. But now they are competing
with PewDiePie with over 86 million subscribers.

It will be interesting to see if Elon Musk’s appearance on PewDiePie’s channel help him or not. Let us see how the increase or decrease the subscriber gap between them. Tesla man is very popular on his social media handlings. On Twitter, he has close to 24 million followers. Even Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey mentioned “Musk is one influencer who he finds exciting on Twitter” on his recent interview. He also Tweet abot Musk. And Musk also tweeted on reply “Thanks Jack, Twitter rocks!” and added some emojis.

So let us see how far gonna this battle. And also comment down below whom you are supporting.


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