How to update aadhaar card online: Update E Aadhaar

How to update aadhaar card online: Update E Aadhaar

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Hey unlockers!! If you are an Indian definitely you have aadhaar card.

Just because of any reason you want to update your aadhaar card online or you want to change any data given before here are the simple steps that you have to follow on UIDAI website.

Update aadhaar card online:

When you receive your aadhaar card you have seen your 12 digits unique
Aadhaar number Which is issued by Unique Identification Authority Of India(UIDAI).

And there is a mandatory to link aadhaar with your PAN card,Mobile number or even your bank accounts.

If you want to access any data regarding to aadhaar you have to link your mobile number with aadhhar.

So you want to change any details like address, mobile number you have to update aadhaar card online by following this

e address, the mobile number you have to update aadhaar card online by following this

Update address on aadhaar card online:

It happens you have to settle in various cities for your work, marriage or business or for any other reasons.

In this case, you have to update your address in aadhaar card. Anyone can update their address online without any problem.

But they just need their mobile number which is linked with aadhaar. And the mobile number is surely surrounded you cause this number to receive an OTP for logging in.

First, you have to visit (” “.) and you will find there “update Aadhaar” section, you have to click on this then you will find “update your address online” it opens new tab.

In the new tab, you can see the Aadhaar service update portal. In this portal, you can see two options. Using any of them you can change your address online.

first option – Updating with a valid address proof :

  • first, you have to log in using your aadhaar number. Then you have to complete captcha code. Then enter an OTP.
  • Enter your Address which you want to update or change. Click on the preview button and see the preview.
  • After confirming your desired address click on submit button.
  • Select any valid document which you have like passport, ration card, voter id card, bank statement, etc..
  • upload the scan copy of the document which you want to provide for updating your aadhaar.
  • At the end you will get the Update request number(URN). Write down this number for future reference.

second option – Update address with address validation letter:

If you don’t have other address proof, you can still change your address with the of address validation
letter sent by UIDAI.You have to send a proper application with the reference of an address lender.

  • first of all log in with your aadhaar details, complete captcha code. nd enter an OTP.
  • You have received a code on the enter that code.
  • Enter your new address and see the preview.
  • After that submit this and save the Update request number(URN) for future reference.

Update mobile number and name in aadhaar card online:

sorry!! but you cant update your biometric details, name, mobile number, date of birth, email id.

You can only update your address in aadhaar card online. For changing any other details you have to visit UIDAI enrolment center. if you have to update your aadhaar card from the center they need your original documents and they cost 25 Rs. each time you update your details.

I hope you understand the whole process of aadhhar card update online and e aadhaar information.

If you have any query regarding this topic do comment down below. Share with your friends and family and follow us on the various social media platform. Have an awesome day.


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