From Now Onwards You can not unlock your phone with “Ok Google”

From Now Onwards You can not unlock your phone with “Ok Google”

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If you are an android user, so you know about the Android feature which is unlocking your phone with ok google command. And you feel like, it is useless because it does not provide privacy, Anyone can open your phone with this command.

The good news for those people who are worried about their phone’s security from the usage of voice command via Google Assistant.

Google is getting rid of the ability to unlock your phone with Voice Match and the “Ok Google” command in a new update to the Google app further securing the system.

The search-engine giant has decided to limit the “Voice Match” unlock feature to only launch the Assistant interface on the lock screen instead of unlocking the Android device on the basis of voice match.

MOTO Z and Pixel XL devices had already lost the functionality with the Google app’s 9.27 update.

But, it’s likely that Google saw this convenience with an eye for concern and rightly so. The removal of this feature is happening for all Android devices via an update to Google Assistant.

At the CES 2019, the company announced just days ago that it would also be doing away with the feature on all Android devices.

This step would safeguard phones from anybody, who could try to barge into the device on the basis of a similar voice or a recording of the user’s own voice.

For Google’s phone and tablet users, this will mean both a loss of functionality and a significant gain in terms of security, the report noted.

And,Google has made sure that the voice assistant won’t let you unlock phones from now.


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