The World’s first under-screen camera phone

The World’s first under-screen camera phone

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Hey, unlockers! In today’s era smartphones have irrevocably changed our lives. Mobile internet access allows employees to work from anywhere, while countless apps help people file their taxes, track their spending, or simply stay in touch with old friends.

And today past a couple of months the evaluation of smartphones are increasing like the population of India and China.

In the past few months, many smartphones were launched with new features like a dual-screen, in-screen fingerprint scanner, pop up camera, foldable screen and many more.

Recently, on Wednesday Oppo unveiled its anticipated Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology that is aimed to offer a “real full-screen experience” on future smartphones. A prototype showcasing the scope of the new technology was demonstrated at MWC Shanghai 2019. The Chinese company reveals that the latest development works with a customized camera module that sits under an enhanced translucent panel material to capture selfies from the display panel. Oppo also displayed its MeshTalk technology that enables voice calling and messaging even sans Wi-Fi or cellular network.

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Oppo says the display uses a custom transparent material that works with a redesigned pixel structure so that light can get through to the camera. The sensor itself is said to be larger than other selfie cameras, with a wider aperture lens in front. The area of the screen reserved for the camera still works with touch control, and Oppo says display quality won’t be compromised — through hands-on photos from Engadget Chinese suggest the camera area is visible in certain conditions.

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Oppo also admits that putting a screen in front of a camera will inherently reduce photo-image quality, with significant problems like haze, glare, and color cast needing to be overcome. but though it is a new and latest feature that no other company has.

The overall experience through the new technology initially looks similar to what Honor and Xiaomi also announced earlier this month.

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