Things that are doing wrong with your laptops

Things that are doing wrong with your laptops

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Hey, unlockers!! Today here we present some little things or mistakes that you are doing with your precious laptops. Read this blog carefully and it might increase your laptop’s life.

1. Don’t hold in your lap:


Yes, just because it’s named laptop there is no necessity to hold in your lap. And there is technical reason behind it.“The processor is the brain of the computer, and it gets really, really hot, and it needs to vent this heat somewhere.” “Also, the fan is located on the bottom of the laptop, where there’s a little ventilation.” But if that vent is covered by your pants or a blanket, your laptop could overheat, or dust might start to settle inside.
And because of overheat your processor also gets affected and it takes time in processing.

2. Never hold your laptop by it’s screen :

It is very easy to hold your laptop by the screen and you think it looks cool. But sometimes it is too costly for you to take away laptop this style. There is a metal screw attached to your laptop’s screen. And it can be loosened by the force of plastic. Even if it can be band from the center part of your screen. So be gentle with your laptops.

3. Set in a proper bag :

When you are going outside and you have to carry your laptop with you. So please choose a perfect bag for it. Make sure your bag has a separate padded portion for the laptop. Because if you drop your bag or plunk it on the floor, there will be something softening to save your laptop from the jerk.

4. Use task manager to smooth processes:

If your laptop has been running too slowly and it contains the Windows operating system you can try this trick. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc from your keyboard and you can see Task Manager. Go to the Start-up tab to find a list of all the apps that open when you boot your laptop up and how much impact they have on the startup time. Right-click on any programs that you don’t use every day and click “Disable”. “It doesn’t mean it won’t run, it just means you have to manually start it,”. You can check by restarting, your laptop is running faster than before.

5. Compress your unusable data:

Compress the files that you are not using from a long time. Gather all the unusable files in one folder and compress them using respective software. If you have a Windows laptop, “defragging” your computer is a way of compressing and putting those files back together so that your computer doesn’t have to work so hard. Simply it organizes your all the data.

6. Handle with care :


If you have an HDD in your laptop, you’ll want to be careful when carrying your laptop around. “If you have something spinning really fast and you’re jostling it around, you have a high chance of causing some kind of damage”. Damage to the hard disk is one of the most expensive for you. You should try not to drop your laptop too. You can also use SSD. SSDs aren’t as delicate, which is an added bonus to upgrading.

7. Don’t click on any invalid links :

Don’t click on any pop-up that claims you just won $1 million, but it can be harder to catch scammers who are posing as your friends. Hackers can spoof one of your friend’s Facebook profiles or email addresses, then send you a link. You might not question it at first, but that link could be downloading malware or viruses or gathering data from your computer.never click on a link which is not found legit.

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