What is Apple.pie apk?

What is Apple.pie apk?

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Hey tech unlockers, nowadays if you shared your apk on xender you might have seen an apk named applepie.apk. and if you received from whatsapp then also you curious and worry about that what these application is and is that virus or it will affect my phone etc. so , don’t be confuse just read these blog it will answer all your questions.

Basically, the apple pie apk was viral from Whatsapp message. and now in almost group, this apk is available in everyone’s phone even though if you did not install the app it will show that it is installed on your phone.

This application is also harmful to your device in a very dangerous way. therefore you should not installed it in your device.

How actually apple pie application has gone viral

Apple pie application is an Android package that you can find or installed on your android devices. This application is viral through WhatsApp and xender transfer. initially, it is viral from the WhatsApp from India country.

How it works

Once you install the application, and when you open the app you will see the photo of Steve Jobs, and a button of continue on the left-hand side.

When you tap on the continue button you will start hearing the endless pornographic voices, which is quite an uncomfortable sound, especially when you don’t have the headphones on and you are in a public area. it affects your image on society.

The only way to shut the sound is to go to the recent app and close the Apple Pie app, or, put the headphones on. But, in a panic like this, only some people would be able to do this, which means guaranteed embarrassment for the rest of the people.

If by any chance, if you manage to shut down the sound, the embarrassment is not gone entirely. Because the app also changes the lock screen and the wallpaper of your smartphone a pornographic photo.

So you will have to make sure that you do not access your phone in front of anyone else because I can feel the embarrassment.

Also, it might change your phone ring tone and wallpaper. Even if you uninstall the application, you will have to manually change the wallpaper ok on the homepage as a screen lock, and also the ringtone.]

The best way to keep yourself secure from this app is to ignore such messages and not download them in the first place.

How to secure from this app

If its gets downloaded to make sure you do not install it on your phone. Because while it is just a prank app to make you feel embarrassed.


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