WhatsApp’s 5 Massive Upcoming New Features

WhatsApp’s 5 Massive Upcoming New Features

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WhatsApp’s 5 Massive Upcoming New Features

Hey Unlockers, How you guys doing? Whatsapp keeps adding new features to grow with the speed of trend. Recently we’ve covered a topic of WhatsApp Dark Mode but Today We have come up with WhatsApp’s 5 Massive Upcoming New Features to Improve WhatsApp’s look and feel

QR Code:

This feature will let users add contacts to their device by scanning other users WhatsApp QR codes. The QR code scanning requires lesser steps that currently required to add a new contact to the phones. Whenever this feature will be live, every user will get a unique QR code which other WhatsApp user can scan and add them to their contact list.

Dark Mode:

It is particularly useful if you use your smartphone at night so that the light of your smartphone does not affect your eyes. However, if you can’t wait for the official roll-out of the dark mode then this will work for you. If you are an Android user, you need to… Read More

WhatsApp fingerprint authentication:

WhatsApp is about to increase the security of it’s user by adding this feature WhatsApp will add an extra layer of security for their users. In this feature Whenever the user will open the WhatsApp fingerprint authentication will be active.

Sharing WhatsApp status post on Facebook:

Soon WhatsApp will allow its users to share their status to Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Google photos. This transfer will be done using the data-sharing API used by iOS and Android. This API will let users share content without linking the accounts and WhatsApp promised that they wouldn’t share data with Facebook.

Ranking of contacts:

This new feature will keep your most favorite contacts up on top all the time. The ranking feature automatically detects the contacts you interact more and will put that contacts on top

Whenever these features will be live, Come back here and tell us about the before-and-after. I bet you’ll have something to say!

If you have any questions regarding this feature tell us in the comment section or on our social media handles

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