Whatsapp Will Ban Users Using GB Whatsapp And WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp Will Ban Users Using GB Whatsapp And WhatsApp Plus

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WhatsApp is owned by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg. WhatsApp is frequently used in instant messaging platforms.

Since a few years, it has been receiving several updates and they are adding many new features to it. The WhatsApp has the facility to make video calls, voice calls, send and receive payments, etc.

🔰 But be careful!! WhatsApp might soon ban you temporarily WhatsApp is now removing users with modded version of its app.

We all know the official version of WhatsApp has many useful features, but there are some third-party apps like the modded version of the WhatsApp.

Some users use these apps for there additional features that are yet to be rolled out to the official build of the app. Though these modded versions of WhatsApp have additional features, these are risky and there is a high possibility of getting hacked.

If you are using such apps, then your chat history, personal details, and contacts are definitely at high risk. To make sure that your details are secure, you should use the official app of WhatsApp.

👉WhatsApp decided to ban some users with third-party apps For this reason, WhatsApp has taken a serious move by banning the users who are using the third party app like WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Gold.

If you are banned users so you know that you will get the message like, “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help”.

If once, you have received that kind of warning from the WhatsApp official, then you have to uninstall that moded app and download the official WhatsApp application from the respective app store or play store.

By this, you can use easily the official WhatsApp without any problem.

Even WhatsApp is trying new features such as Advance Search to search various types of messages including photos, GIFs, videos, links, documents and audio. And there is also possibility that they bring the WhatsApp group invitation feature, fingerprint authentication and dark mode soon to the app to make it secure.


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